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Healthcare Staffing made Strategic

Today’s evolving healthcare landscape requires a staffing partner with the resolve, commitment and preparation to meet immediate needs while maintaining alignment toward long-term staffing goals.

It is pertinent for the staffing company to be on the cutting edge of technology to recruit the best possible resource. At Medvantage, we have decades of experience in using ultramodern Information Technology (IT) recruitment engine for Healthcare. Not only do we embrace new technology and social media as they are introduced, but we welcome and use it to source the best Professionals for your organization.

Our staffing professionals go the extra mile to ensure a good match. Multiple recruiters dedicated to each medical specialty perform in-depth screenings on every candidate before being presented to you so that not only are your requirements met, but your position, location, and type of organization are compatible with the candidate’s requirements.

Whether your staffing challenge is critical and urgent, requires permanent or temporary clinician, involves program implementation and start up, or entails long-term contract coverage, we develop a customized plan to execute your objectives. To achieve this we work on an iterative & consultative 3CIM Approach to defining and exceeding customer staffing objectives.

Our 3CIM Approach involves the following steps:

  • Step 1 (Consultation):
  • Medvantage’s business development and account management teams form an alliance with you to identify your organization’s short-term and long-term staffing goals, baseline metrics & current challenges.

  • Step 2 (Collaboration):
  • In alliance with your team, Medvantage takes your goals & assigns those to our skilled internal teams, which in turn utilize industry knowledge, technology and expertise to develop updated processes for your organization.

  • Step 3 (Customization):
  • Based on the close consultation & collaboration, Medvantage defines custom solutions, diligently tailored to recruiting efforts and processes, unique to your organization. Such tailored approach is very difficult to find at just any staffing firm.

  • Step 4 (Implementation):
  • Once we have our defined plan in place our objectives become aligned with your objectives.

  • Step 5 (Measurement):
  • We keep on working with you & our resources to carefully monitor the progress against defined baseline matrices. Medvantage continuously measures performance-to-goal and continue the process of collaboration, customization and implementation iteratively for best results.